NodOn-Modul 1 Relais Schalter Enocean

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Multifunktions Relais Schalter  1 Fach

Power supply: 230V AC ~ 50Hz

Switching capabilities: 230V AC – 10A // 30V DC – 10A
Consumption: <1W
Maximum output power: 2.3kW (Resistive load)
Radio frequency range: 868,0 to 868,6 Mhz
RF power max: +3dBm
Range: Up to 30m inside
Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°
Protection rating: IP 2X
Pairing: up to 22 controllers
EEP (EnOcean Profile): D2-01-0F
Dimensions : 40 mm (l) x 44 mm (L) x 16.9 mm (h)